6 – Cannot Trust the Chinese!

As a business person you cannot trust the Chinese:  They will steal every idea, every product you have the make for you and  your name to use on products.

Just another reason the Chinese cannot be trusted:

I paid Peak stands in China over $11,000.00USD for the molds to make a Kenny G Soprano Saxophone peg with a Golf Ball on the top, a flute peg, a clarinet peg and another soprano sax peg.  Before I got my first shipment the had them on their stands selling them as their pegs.  They are still in their catalog (I have attached a copy of the page) and of course I cannot get them because they only product them for their stands. An agreement with a Chinese Businessman is only good for 10 to 15 minutes or until you leave the room. They will steal every idea you have…..
Here they are in their catalog!

Peak czatalog

JINYIN a Chinese company that I had make the first Kenny G Saxophone (and they were very bad) now makes and sells over 1000 Kenny G Saxophones in China without our permission and of course we get nothing. These saxophones are very bad and destroying the name of the Kenny G Saxophones in China.  They tell everyone they paid us a lot of money so they could make the saxophones and this is not true!

JINYIN also uses my name Rheuben Allen on many of their woodwind accessories and of course I get nothing.

I quit doing business with JINYIN because of several things
1. The products were never very good
2. The new General Manager Patrick Chen (who claimed to be my friend) got mad at me one day and said “With one phone call he could have me killed” and I believe he could have….. This made it very difficult for me to want to work with JINYIN and of course go back to China….. Again they do not have permission to make any Kenny G or Rheuben Allen products.
3. Patrick has put my neck designs and many more of my saxophone designs on saxophone with his name…..

There is a Beijing company selling Rheuben Allen saxophones on the internet and I have nothing to do with them.  If you purchase a Rheuben Allen Saxophone from China it is not made by me…