AV Prestige

Av Prestige Clarinets & Accessories are designed by professionals for students of all ages.

There are so many professional or so called professional clarinets on the market today we decided to specialize in make great quality instruments and accessories for students.  These clarinets and accessories play like professional products but are priced so students can have a great instrument, mouthpiece or other great products.

We inspect, make any adjustments and play test all the clarinets we sell. Even our student mouthpieces are measured and adjusted if necessary to insure the high standards we want in our products.

Our flagship B-Flat Clarinet the AVCL-ABS1 is made of ABS for a long life, stable bore and is one of the best playing clarinets I have ever played.   The keys are silver plated, look great and feel very good under the fingers.

AVCL-ABS AV Prestige® ABS B-Flat Clarinet Retail $1,395.00   ra.com $695.00

Clarinet players of all ages can play the Av Prestige clarinets with confidence in any Concert Band, Orchestra or Blues Band. (There could be a clarinet in a blues band)

AVCL-APMP AV Prestige Acoustic Plastic Clarinet Mouthpiece (For B-Flat or A Clarinets) MARP: $39.95 ra/gas.com; $29.95

If our products are take care of they will last for many years..