Education Support Programs





Rheuben Allen- Golden Sound Distributors Education Support Program:

As many of you know I really want to help children play acoustic music.  In addition to my foundation (The Rheuben Allen Education Foundation) I want to work with Non-Profit and Band Booster organizations to help get more instruments in the hands of the kids.

Here is how our Education Support Program works.

The Non-Profit or Band Booster organizations simply fills out the form below and registers with us as Non-Profit or Booster group and we will assign them a Code Number. Anytime someone purchases and instrument from us we will donate 10% of the Gross sale to the organization. They just need to put the Code Number in the Coupon Box when they check out. It could not be easier and your organization benefits.

Email Address:
Contact Person, email Address & Phone Number
Complete address of Organization
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) number and or DBA of Band Boosters
Number of children organization reaches
Does the Non-Profit provide teachers for the children and how?
Generally how would the money donated to the organization be used to help the children?
Additional information you feel we might need to set up your organization.