Exercises & Studies

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Master Clarinet Fingering Chart by Rheuben Allen (7 Pages)
cl-chart-1          cl-chart-2          cl-chart-3          cl-chart-4          cl-chart-5          cl-chart-6          cl-chart-7

Intermediate Clarinet Scales by Rheuben Allen (15 Pages)
c-major          g-major          d-major          a-major          e-major          b-major          f-sharp-major          c-sharp-major
c-flat-major          g-flat-major          d-flat-major          a-flat          e-flat-major          b-flat-major          f-major

Clarinet Arpeggios by Rheuben Allen (4 Pages)
cl-arpeggio-2          cl-arpeggio-3          cl-arpeggio-4          cl-arpeggio-5

Clarinet Exercises by Rheuben Allen

Recorder fingering chart by Rheuben Allen: (8 Pages)
recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg1          recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg2
recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg3          recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg4
recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg5          recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg6
recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg7          recorder-fingring-chart-master-pg-8

Learn Chord Tone Names by Rheuben Allen:   (16 Pages)    concept-chord-tone-names
c-chord           g-chord          d-chord          a-chord          e-chord          b-chord          f-sharp-chord
c-sharp-chord          c-flat-chord          g-flat-chord          d-flat-chord          a-flat-chord
e-flat-chord          b-flat-chord          f-chord