Pre-Owned Instruments

Pre-Owned and rebuilt Instruments …

All Pre-Owned instruments go through my repair shop and are in great playing condition.
They are available to try at my warehouse in Torrance, CA.
Call 818-985-9846 for an appointment or more information about the instruments.

Pre-Owned Good playing condition

Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophones #120000, Lacquer good has different neck: $4,995.00   SOLD!

Selmer Baritone Saxophone with range to low B-Flat, lacquer missing over logo, plays great: $4,495.00

Conn Baritone Saxophone, range to low B-Flat, not much lacquer: $3,500.00

Dave Guardala New York Model Tenor Saxophone, great condition Silver Plated body and neck with gold plated keys, New York skyline (Prior to 911) and Statue of Liberty engraved on every key. $7,500.00

Keilwerth Black Nickel Tenor Saxophone, good condition: $3,500.00

Keilwerth Black Nickel Soprano Saxophone, good condition, plays great: $2,995.00

Buffet Clarinet in the key of B-Flat,  good playing condition: $1,495.00

Buffet Clarinet in the key of A, good playing condition: $1,695.00

Leblanc Dynamic H Clarinet in the key of B-Flat, plays great: $995.00

Pre-Owned with complete “Artisan” mechanical overhaul and re-pad.

YAMAHA Custom Alto Saxophone, Bare Brass, New Overhaul with treated pads and Hollywood tone boosters.  $3,500.00

Selmer mark VI Tenor Saxophone #75000, Lacquer about half, body in great shape: $9,000.00

SELMER Super Action 80 Tenor Saxophone  $ 3,500.00