DoubleGeek Universal tool with handle


Great for Double Reeds or Single Reeds… nice handle


DoubleGeek Universal tool with handle: This tool was designed for the Double Reed player but it works great for single reeds.  Some players like the handle.. they feel it fits in the hand better and they have more control of the ReedGeek®
DoubleGeek_Series1_2015 Introducing the Double Geek by Charles Double Reed Company by Charles Double Reed Company

I have just started carrying the ReedGeek® products and I think they are great.  I had about 200 reeds that I had discarded, pulled out a couple and just by leveling the back of the reed they played. Not only do I have them for sale….  I am using the ReedGeek® Black Diamond G4.

ReedGeek® Reed Tools: Well I have been working on a couple reed with my new ReedGeek G4 tool… what I like is that I can take off from the heart and back of the reed leaving the tip thick. I like that because it makes the higher notes easier to play. The problem is I keep taking a little off and it make the reed play better…. I am sure there needs to be a time to stop..

ReedGeek, Inc. provides woodwind players with powerful products that deliver superb quality and outstanding value. ReedGeek’s products vastly outperform other approaches and possess unique features unavailable elsewhere.
ReedGeek Incorporated’s research team is comprised of players and designers with decades of experience performing, designing and improving woodwind instruments. We have encountered and addressed nearly all issues related to reeds, both single and double, and have created innovative solutions to deal with the problems we all face as players.