Klangbogen Polished Brass


you won’t believe it until you try it!


Klangbogen Polished Brass  Bore & Reed Stabilizer by ReedGeek® RGK-PB
Product Specifications & Description:
Brand Name: ReedGeek®
Product: Klangbogen
Model No.:   RGK-PB
Ra.com Price:  $60
Material:  Brass
Finish:  Polished Brass
Features I like bout this product:  The first thing I really like about this product is that you do not need to alter your saxophone in any way to use the Klangbogen. You are always able to go back to your original saxophone.   This is a great feature.
Things I have noticed about how the product works:  I noticed when I hear players try the Klangbogen I hear a stronger upper left register especially on the tenor.  I feel for hearing it that it balances the tone throughout the entire register of the saxophone.

Klangbogen Polished Brass Bore & Reed Stabilizer by ReedGeek® RGK-PB Polished Brass is one of those things when you are told about it you cannot believe what they are saying.  As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and a great vides is even better.
Rick Keller is one of my favorite saxophone players and a great guy in this video he demonstrates the Klangbogen.
How the products works and what it does:  The Klangbogen works by adding mass or weight to the top of the saxophone. Again this seems to balance the saxophone . I have personally always been a fan of adding weight to the top of the saxophone to balance the tone, add a better response and generally make the saxophone fell better when it is played. I have designed several necks that add weight with a lot of success (I have been copied by other neck makers with much less imagination) so I believe this product works great.


Rick Keller is one of my favorite saxophone players here he is demonstrating the Klangbogen
KangBohen Front

The Klangbogen is available in 5 different models.   My model Numbers are:

RGK-PB is the Klangbogen in polished brass
RGK-BB is the Klangbogen in satin brass
RGK-PS is the Klangbogen in polished silver plated brass
RGK-BS is the Klangbogen in satin silver plated brass

*These four models are in stock!