RABS8L Lacquer Baritone Saxophone

$6,995.00 $3,495.00

LIMITED Edition to 2 a year:


Rheuben Allen Low A  Lacquered Baritone Saxophone

Brand Name: Rheuben Allen®
Product: Low A Baritone Saxophone
Model No.:   RABS8L
Material:  Brass
Finish:  Light Gold Lacquer
Engraving: Full Body and Key Hand Engraving
Case: Plastic with Wheels
Available only on Price: $3,495.00

Same as Champagne Baritone only with Light Gold Lacquer.. Photos to come soon!

As you can see this baritone has many great features.  The best of them is that it pays great!  If you are looking for a lifetime instrument then this is the baritone for you.
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