Do repairman meet stars?

If I become an instrument repairman will I meet stars.

Good question but becoming an instrument repairman to meet starts is not the reason to become an instrument repairman.

I can say as a repairman I have met as many stars as any repairman and you see them for a few minutes and then they leave and you are left with their instruments alone at your bench.  They are not taking you out for tea (although over the years many of my clients have become good friends) they just need you to do the best work you can on their instruments.

There are several things you must consider when becoming a repairman.
*Do you think you will like the work.  It is hard work, trust me, with very little glory.
*Are you mechanically inclined?
*Are you able to sit at the bench for many hours a day and work hard?
*Do you just want to meet stars.  Let’s talk about meeting stars… you would need to have your shop where the stars are located…. And your work would need to be very good.
*Do you believe the clients will be loyal to you?  Now this is a great question and the answer is no.  I have had clients that I did many favors for and when I was a YAMAHA dealer they would buy a saxophone from a mail order place to save the sales tax, forget all the favors I did for them. And of course then want me to make it work for free.  I have had clients tell me they did not know what they would do without me… well they moved out of town with their families and they don’t fly back for me to work on their instruments.  So the answer is they will not be loyal or even think about you when they want something for themselves. So the most important thing to remember is to keep it business!
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