Rheuben’s Schedule

Rheuben’s Schedule: I will try to get a couple weeks ahead here but always check it every time you want to reach me as my schedule changes almost every hour…..
Tales of a Woodwind repairman

*All work is by appointment only!  Please call to set up an appointment: 818-985-9846
Why appointment only? So I can give you the best service possible,  if you want to try a saxophone, you will be alone to try the saxophone, if you need some repair I can do while you wait, then you will get all the time on your instrument. Also if you want to take me to lunch or dinner the time will be set aside…….

*Appointments are at the time scheduled and only a 15 minute window for being late.  If you are late and another client comes in at their appointment time they will be put ahead of you….

Aug. 2017 Revised 8.4.17

Friday 4th: Warehouse
Saturday 5th: Warehouse Closed for remodeling the repair shop.  All tools down!
*Sunday 6th: Closed, OFF, no speak-a’ the English
Monday 7th: Warehouse, Client 1 to 2 pm
Tuesday 8th: Warehouse
Wednesday 9th: VA out at 11am, 7:30pm Band Rehearsal
Thursday 10th: Warehouse, VA out at 11:30am Cardio
Friday 11th: Warehouse
*Saturday 12th: Warehouse, Closed for re-modeling shop
*Sunday 13th: Closed, OFF, no speak-a’ the English
Monday 14th: Warehouse
Tuesday 15th: Warehouse
Wednesday 16th: Warehouse
Thursday 17th: VA 12:30pm Out for appointment….
Friday 18th: Warehouse
Saturday 19th: Warehouse
*Sunday 20th: Closed, OFF, no speak-a’ the English
Monday 21st: Warehouse
Tuesday 22nd: Warehouse
Wednesday 23rd: Warehouse
Thursday 24th: Warehouse
Friday 25th: Warehouse
Saturday 26th: Warehouse
*Sunday 27th: Closed, OFF, no speak-a’ the English
Monday 28th: VA Cardio 8am,
Tuesday 29th: Warehouse
Wednesday 30th: Warehouse
Thursday 31th: Warehouse