Selmer Scroll Shank Mouthpiece

I do not believe Selmer called this the scroll shank mouthpiece but that is what it has become to be called over the past many years.  It comes of course from the scroll design on the shank of the mouthpiece… Scroll Shank…
Selmer Soloist C tenor

This mouthpiece has been used widely by saxophone players of all styles of music.  Classical & Jazz.  Jazz saxophonist using this mouthpiece include: Joe Henderson & Eddie Harris on tenor.

The soprano mouthpiece is used by many great soprano players for all types of music. Dan Higgins one of the most recorded Movie and TV soprano players uses this mouthpiece.

These mouthpieces are becoming hard to find in good condition but are still one of the most in tune you can use on a Selmer Mark VI saxophone.  For soprano players the new Super Session soprano mouthpiece is close and plays very well.