T-shirts by Rheuben Allen

T-shirts by Rheuben Allen:
MT-101  I Know too many musicians to enjoy music.
MT-100 I Like being on Bottom   The perfect shirt for the Bari sax player that just don’t get no respect.

Why I started the T-Shirt Business: I started thinking about T-Shirts when I had a quadruple bypass and could not work or pick anything up. I started typing sayings into my computer as I guess a form of therapy since I had nothing to do with my time.  After a few dozen I thought they might make god T-Shirts.  I have a friend that is in the T-Shirt business so I went to him for some advice. He started telling me about Dye Sublimation and how once you printed the T-Shirt it would not fade unlike Silk Screen.

So I went to a trade show with him and decided to get the stuff necessary to make T-Shirts.
I got a printer so I can make one off or as many as I like, got a computer to run the printer, got the special paper to make the stencils and a heat machine to put the stencils on the T-Shirts.

I was ready and started making T-Shirts… I have designed about 80 or so T-Shirts mostly about music things but have some political, humors, animal and a few other categories.  I will have the music shirts on this site.  At this same trade show I was people making cups & buttons so of course I got the stuff to make the cups and buttons and will add them to the site a little later.

I will be starting slow and adding a few shirts a week….

1st shirt is one of my favorites and if you are in the music business you will understand just what I mean.