Community Outreach Program




We give back through our Community Outreach Program .. As most of you know I have the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation that helps kids get musical instruments and provides studies and videos at no charge to the child or parent.

I am taking this one step further and I will donate 10% of the gross sale price when a product is purchased to a Non-Profit of your choice. We are setting up our Client Code an number assigned to a Non-Profit that will allow them to receive the 10% donation when anyone puts their code number in the Coupon section when checking out. The Non-Profits do not need to be music Non-Profit organizations.

If you have a Non-Profit or know a Non-Profit you would like to support, please have them fill out the form below.

Band Booster organizations can apply on an individual basis if they are not a Non-Profit. Boosters must have a DBA and show they are not connected to a Public School.

Email Address:
Non-Profit Name
Contact Person, Email and Phone number
IRS Non-Profit No.
Tell us a little about your organization.
What is your mission statement?
Complete Address for the Non-Profit.

Conrad O. Johnson Music & Fine Arts Foundation Non-Profit Code: Conrad

William Grant Stills Art Center Non-Profit Code: WGSArt

New Testament Church: Code NTC101
1941 West Florence Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90047