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SCHEDULE: Feb. 2020
*All work is by appointment either text me or call 818-985-9846…. sometimes it is easier to reach me by text…..

*Unlike most of the world I am not in love with my phone… So, from Saturday at 3pm my time to Monday at 10am my time….. I turn off my phone…. just need some peace and quite now and then…. if you would like to leave a message I will return you call after 10am on Mondays…..

All work is by appointment and can be arranged by email
( or phone (818-985-9846) and/or Text.
Due to the many sales calls I get, I am forced to use the new app that only lets people in my list through…. so, if you are a new client please just leave a message and I will return your call and add you to my client list…. sorry it has come to this but the sales people have no respect for out time and/or how inconvenient they are to our business and lives….. they should develop some manners!

Plus who in their right mind would purchase something for a stranger by phone…. BS is out of control in the US today…..

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