Business UpDates

California Business:
Location: 1978 Del Amo Blvd. Unit B Torrance, CA 90501-1333
The Torrance warehouse will remain open for business as usual….. (by appointment Only! of course) It will house A&K Global Enterprises, Inc. (Kenny G Saxophones) (818) 985-9846……
Austin Khauo Music & Woodwind Repair Shop (424) 419-7124….
*Austin will be the West Coast Manager for Rheuben Allen & Kenny G Saxophone & acessories…..
*For expert repair or to try instruments please just give Austin a call:
Again, (424) 419-7124
Indiana Business:
Location: 2627 South Meeker Ave. Muncie, Indiaia 47301-4646
As of Jan. 1, 2021 I am moving my business to Muncie, Indiana. For the months of Jan. Feb. and March I will have limited personal business hours in Torrance, CA… I am reorganizing my business… I will spend most of Jan. & Feb. packing to move to Muncie, Indiana….. My goal is to be operational in Muncie sometime in March 2021.. until then I can still be reached in Torrance….. Call: (818) 985-9846

Rheuben Allen:
Location: 2627 South Meeker Ave. Muncie, Indiaia 47301-4646
The following businesses will be part of Rheuben Allen. (Rheuben Allen…. when I get to Muncie) (Hollywood Shirts) (the Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation)
Main offfice will be located in Muncie with me…… 2nd Office will be at Torrance warehouse…. RAEF Email:
My email address starting in 2021 (
Phone number (818) 985-9846 will remain the same….