Earn money for your non-profit

Donations and Non-Profits .. the Non-Profit must be involved in helping young people enjoy music. Churches, Non-Profits that provide teaching etc.

Earn money for your non-profit ….. it is our goal at rheubenallen.com to help keep acoustic music alive in the United States. So many schools are cutting the music programs and many young people are not exposed or given the chance to play an acoustic instrument.

So we offer to all Non-Profits that help children a 10% of the gross sale of any product purchased from ra.com to help young people and hopefully give them a chance to play music.

The Non-Profit simple fills out the form on this page and we will give them a Code No. The code number will be posted on this page so the clients can find them after the Non-Profit is approved.
Then again when anyone purchases any product from our website we will donate 10% of the gross to that Non-Profit.

It is very simple!

Non-Profit donations

New Testament Church 1941 West Florence Avenue. Los Angeles, CA 90047  Code: NTC101

Conrad O. Johnson Music and Fine Arts Houston Texas   Code: CJM101

William Grant Stills  Los Angeles  Code: WGS101

Faith United Methodist Church 2115 West 182nd Street Torrance, CA 90504 Code: FMCT101