Jimmy Reid Saga

JIMMY REID Jan 1, 2020, 5:27 PM (14 hours ago)
to Ted, me

i forgot to answer your question, i actually did not send directly to your email address, i just searched for Golden Sound Distributers and sent it to that, not realizing that there are at least 3 other email addresses associated with that business… so it got sent to you…. and Rheuben, i’d appreciate a little more fuckin respect from you- which im sure i wont get, but you are very unprofessional man- you are basaically rubbing in my face all the years of my financial hardship- i have been transparent always with you and always truthful- i thought we were cool after all those years but you are still holding on to a serious grudge against me- its disappointing to say the least, i’ve been talking you up for years and your horns as well…i will be down your way on Sunday i can drop the horns back to you

*I told Jimmy that I would not post anything if he brought the saxes back on Thursday the 2nd or Friday the 3rd… but that does not fit in his busy schedule so he wants to bring the by on Sunday, not a business day for me… but it is more convenient for … Guess Who? Jimmy… he just cannot be inconvenienced in the least…..

Let me see…. Jimmy claims he is being persecuted by me and I am not professional….
and how he is so very professional….

1.         Jimmy did not pay me $1,000.00 he owed me for a saxophone he purchased before I moved to China.

2.         He purchased a saxophone form me after I got back… he paid for that saxophones… what he does not talk about and seem to have forgotten is that he came back and upgraded that saxophone and got a copper neck. (you can see the copper neck on his Voice video) That was $500.00 more…. And he agreed to that increase…Again, he seems to have forgotten about that.

3.         After his saxophones were stolen he came to me to get more saxes…. I made the mistake of trusting him and giving him an alto and tenor, new mouthpieces etc. at less-than I paid for them, he said they were great and he would be back on Monday to pay for them or return them if they were not what he wanted and that was 5 weeks ago. Because he was going to play my saxophones and represent them…. I told him I would forget about the $1,000.00 from the past as another way to help him out… now that he is not going to use my saxophones (and I am so happy about that) then the deal to forget the $1,000.00 he cheated me out of is no longer an agreement. And I have every right to bring it up….. It would not be a problem that I could bring up, if he had paid for the saxophone…. There is no real reason that I should forgive the old debt…..
4.         He claims he sent me $500.00 to TedYamada1@gmail.com my PayPal account… I have never gone by Ted Yamada… I have several emails from Ted to Jimmy saying he did not get any money and the account has been closed for several years……  I have attached the PayPal search for this account and you can see it does not exist. If he sent money it did not come to me…

5.         He has now filed a claim against my PayPal account for the $500 he claims I got but is no-where to be found on PayPal… Both of my accounts do not have any money from Jimmy Reid… and that can be proven. I really do not need his little $500 at this point in my life….. again, I never received the money and can show it with my accounts……

6.         He wants to meet me on Sunday… not a business day and there is no reason that I should even believe he will show up since he has told me time and time again he would drop of the saxophones….
7.         He has kept the saxophones for over 5 weeks now without returning them…. Very Professional….

7.         Since I sold Jimmy saxophones lower that my cost the $1,500.00 he did not pay me came out of my pocket…. Money I spent on the Saxophones…. I do not get them for free…..
8.         He has begged for money to get new saxophones and has taken money for many other people.  He is making a big deal out of saying he sent me $500.00 and even if I had gotten the money (and I can prove I did not) it was not really his and not even half of what he cheated me out of ……

*He has taken money for many other people because he became diabetic and his girlfriend left him with a broken heart and that is why he cannot work…

Well, hell I have been diabetic for over 30 years, had a quadruple bypass, have a pacemaker, congestive heart failure and still I work 6 or 7 days a week…. And I am 75 years old…..
P.S. I will list all the girls that have broken my heart over the years….. the number would bring you to tears….

Yet Jimmy is being persecuted by me… you can see the language in the email he sent….. he is a smooth talker….. and a great speller…. The way to get respect is to take care of business… just pay the money you owe… even past debts….. do what you say you will do, it is not complicated…… then and only then will you deserve any type of respect…. Freeloaders are not people that deserve any type of respect….. GET A JOB!

Jimmy Reid Problem PayPAl
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Ted YamadaMon, Dec 30, 2019, 2:14 AM (9 days ago)
to JIMMY, me

I don’t show transactions to PayPal and tedyamada1  is not a valid PayPal account.
You have to check with Rheuben for Golden Sound Distributors.. I don’t have access to that account. 
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