Clarinet Barrels AV Prestige Metal Rings




Clarinet Barrels AV Prestige Metal Rings are designed by Rheuben Allen & Mike Vaccaro to improve the clarinet response intonation and tone color. They Work!

Many clarinet players like the traditional Metal Rings on their clarinet barrels.  The response, tone color and intonation are all very good on the Metal Ring clarinet barrels.

I used a famous after market clarinet bell and barrel on my Yamaha for 7 years. I recently tested and purchased an AV clarinet bell and barrel for my Yamaha. These AV products immediately gave me a bigger sound, locked in intonation and a wonderful even tone quality from bottom to top, surpassing the performance of the previous bell and barrel. The diligent research and development of Rheuben Allen and Mike Vacarro is making our jobs as clarinetists just much easier. Every clarinetist, no matter what level, owes it to themselves to try the AV clarinet bells and barrels as well as the entire AV Clarinet.

Gary Matsuura
Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music
Chapman University
Yamaha Performing Artist

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Barrel Length

66mm, 65mm, 64mm, 63mm