RAAS-APMp Alto Saxophone Acoustic Plastic Mouthpiece


Available only on ra.com.  Great mouthpiece for students and professionals alike.


RAAS-APMp Alto Saxophone Acoustic Plastic Mouthpiece (Rheuben Allen) has a great response throughout the entire range of the saxophone.  The tone color is excellent and it is easy to play.  The perfect mouthpiece for students, professionals and anyone that loves to play the saxophone.

Made in the USA
Rheuben Allen Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

What do we look for in a saxophone mouthpiece?
The Alto Saxophone Acoustic Plastic Mouthpiece (Rheuben Allen)has all the requirement of a very good mouthpiece.
The mouthpiece must play all the notes from the bottom of the instrument to the top of the instrument.  This requires the right facing, chamber and tip opening for the mouthpiece to do all these things to play great….. this mouthpiece has all of them.
Available only on ra.com