AV Prestige ABS 62mm B-Flat Clarinet Barrel – AVCL-ABS62


Great to improve the pitch for clarinet players that play flat.


AVCL-ABS62  AV Prestige ABS 62mm B-Flat Clarinet Barrel

Clarinet Barrel Specifications:
Brand Name: AV Prestige®
Product: 62mm ABS 62mm B-Flat Clarinet Barrel
Model No.:   AVPCL-ABS62
Retail: $49.95
Ra.com Price:  $39.95
Material:  ABS Acoustic Plastic
Finish:  Silver Plated Rings
AV Prestige ABS 62mm B-Flat Clarinet Barrel

The AV Prestige® ABS B-Flat Clarinet Barrel (AVCL-ABS62) helps the student of the clarinet of any age improve their intonation when they play flat.
The length of the barrel a players need depends on many things, the length of the mouthpiece, the inside dimensions of the mouthpiece, the strength of the reed they are playing and of course the embouchure.

When I played the clarinet a lot I used a 66mm barrel, now that I play once in a while I use a 62mm barrel. I no longer have the embouchure to play a No. 5 reed (at least not for any length of time), so I need a shorter barrel.  Also bands are playing higher in pitch then they did when I played a lot (the 1960’s) so I use what I need to play as close to in tune as I can…. Choose the barrel length for what you need, not what other players tell you… you need.


Besides the correct boring of the tone hole on the clarinet, the undercutting of the tone hole, and an excellent bore, a good barrel and bell are the most important components of your clarinet. This assumes that you have selected a good mouthpiece.

The clarinet barrel and bell assure you great intonation, response, tone color, and evenness throughout the instrument.

The question then becomes “do you start at the bottom of the clarinet with the bell, or the top with the barrel?” Since I will assume you already have a great mouthpiece, that plays the style of music you play in the best possible manner, I would say the next piece of aftermarket equipment to purchase is the barrel. The clarinet barrel can fix many problems and is much less expensive than a bell.


What does a custom clarinet barrel maker have to keep in mind?

First of all, the clarinet barrel can have several tapers.

  • There is the straight taper where the top and bottom of the inside dimension are the same.
  • There is the standard taper, where the top of the inside of the clarinet barrel is smaller than the bottom.
  • Then there is the ever-more-popular reverse taper, where the top of the inside of the barrel is larger than the bottom. There are probably more variations of these tapers too.
  • There are also several designers who use a double taper, where the top and the bottom of the clarinet barrel are bigger than the center.

Then there is how much the taper changes from one end to the other. Is it a radical taper or a slow taper? Is it radical for part of the taper and slow at other parts of the taper?

How is the weight of the clarinet barrel distributed? Is the top, middle, or bottom bigger on the outside? What material is the barrel made of? Is it blackwood, cocobolo or some other exotic hard wood?

Mike Vaccaro – 2011