AV Prestige Student ABS Clarinet Model No. AV-ABS1


Plays like a wood clarinet without the problems of the wood clarinet. In Stock for immediate delivery.


AV Prestige Student ABS Clarinet  Model No. AVCL-ABS1

Mike and I have decided to make a great playing clarinet for the beginning students. It is very important for the beginner to have a great instrument that plays well so they do not get discouraged. We believe we have the clarinet that will make every student want to play the clarinet.

This page features the AV Prestige Student ABS Basic Model Clarinet (Model No. AVCL-ABS1):
The “Basic” Model: This model comes with the standard barrel and accessories. This clarinet plays great right out of the case and we play test every clarinet before we ship them.

Many people say, “If it does not cost much, it cannot be good” that is not always the case both Mike and I are retired and want to make instruments that play great and help gt more young people interested in playing music and parents have many expenses and it can be hard to find the money for an instrument. So we decided to price them so anyone can afford to get on of these clarinets.

Easy to cover the holes:
It feels good under the fingers, easy for the student to cover the holes.

Great Response:
The clarinet responds well throughout the entire register of the clarinet. Great lower, middle and high notes.

Intonation or how it plays in tune:
The barrel is short so the student does not have to work hard to pay it in tune.

The case is made of lightweight materials and covered in a Durable Cordura for long life.

The clarinet comes with a Rheuben Allen clarinet mouthpiece made in the US.

Other accessories include:
Cork Grease, ID tag for the case.