Brushed or Satin Brass Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer by ReedGeek® RGK-BB


Improves your middle register of the saxophone.


Brushed or Satin Brass Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer by ReedGeek® RGK-BB is the Klangbogen in Brushed or Satin Brass is again one of those things when you are told about it you cannot believe what they are saying. I have always been a fan of more weight at the top of the saxophone.  I have designed many necks with larger neck braces (and have been copied by those with lessor imaginations) I have one brace where you can change the weights to alter the sound and response.  So when I saw the Klangbogen I knew it would change something but not what it would change.. As I listen to different players try the Klangbogen I notice a big difference in the upper left hand notes especially on the tenor, they are fuller and from out front they seem to connect better.  Again try it you just might like it…..  There are three positions the connecting rod can be placed to change how the Klangbogen works.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and a great vides is even better. Rick Keller is one of my favorite saxophone players and a great guy in this video he demonstrates the Klangbogen.

**The thing I like most about the Klangbogen is it is not necessary to alter your saxophone in any way. If you don’t want to use it you simply remove it and you saxophone is in its original condition.

The Klangbogen is available in 5 different models.   My model Numbers are:
RGK-PB is the Klangbogen in polished brass
RGK-BB is the Klangbogen in satin brass
RGK-PS is the Klangbogen in polished silver plated brass
RGK-BS is the Klangbogen in satin silver plated brass
*I have these four models in stock!