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Bullshit Quartet of Shirts

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So, when you say the words Bullshit it can have many different meanings on how you pronounce it….
Uptight Person Version: Blue Bull
It’s All Bullshit:  There is really no accent on the Shit part of the word and is likely used in passing….. not much passion in the words use…
Real Man Version:
It’s All BullShit: When we capitalize the S in shit then there is an accent on the Shit part of the word…. You drag out the Bull and accent the shit….. BullShit!
Cowboy Version:
It’s All Bull!…Shit!:  The cowboy put equal power on both words with a little time between words….  Bull!…Shit!  It is powerful, lets you know what he is thinking…..
Shy Version:
It’s All BS: Designed not to offend as many people… and allow it to be worn in more places.
*I have also noticed many musicians use this phrase a lot…..

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It’s how we say thinkg as much as what we say!

When you come home and your wife or girlfriend says “Honey, where have you been” and it is a friendly voice tone, she likely just wants to make a little conversation or truly wants to know how your day was…..  When she says…..  “Where have you been?” in the tone of voice demanding, you tell here where you were and what you were doing…. It is not friendly.

Basic same words…. Completely different meanings in the questions, again, basically the same words…..

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It's All Bullshit, It's All BullShit, It's All Bull!…Shit!, It's All BS


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