PMMCL-HRE101 Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet

$1,695.00 $495.00

Great for professional or student… Price Manufacturer Direct…


Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet by Paris Master Model®

PMMCL-HRE Paris Master Model Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet
Clarinet Specifications:
Brand Name: Paris Master Model®
Product: Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet
Model No.:   PMMCL-HRE
Retail: $1,695.00 Wholesale Price: $495.00
Material: Hard Rubber
Finish: Nickel Plated Keys
Mouthpiece: Stock Hard Rubber
Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic to help prevent damage to the tip of the mouthpiece.
Mouthpiece Ligature: Standard E-Flat Clarinet Ligature design
Barrels: Comes with 2 barrels
Case:  Wood Cordura Covered
Cleaning Cloth:   Standard Cleaning cloth

PMM E-Flat - 4
This E-Flat clarinet plays great and is pried so anyone can afford it. The Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet by Paris Master Model® is available in two models the PMMCL-HRE101

The PMMCL-HRE101 is all Hard Rubber and plays great. It has good intonation for an E-Flat clarinet, excellent response throughout all the registers and is priced right. It comes with 2 barrels.