KGASLS-EIV E-Series Alto Saxophone

$2,295.00 $1,295.00

Great Alto Sax Must play to believe just how great it plays…


KGASLS-EIV E-Series Alto Saxophone are made by a Taiwan Company. They feature a lacquered main body and keys and have both a silver plated bell and bow section and neck. The silver plating of the bell, bow and neck ad a rich quality to the sound and some players say they vibrate more but that is a personal feeling for the player.

They are great playing altos and have a great sound, tremendous response and excellent intonation.
The case is wood and they also come with a necks strap, cork grease, mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap and cleaning cloth.

The quality of this saxophone is outstanding and it can be played on any professional gig.E-Series IV KGASLS-EIV

These KGASLS-IV saxophones are new and play great.  We are just discontinuing the E-Series saxophones.
They are made by a Taiwan company and we are very proud of the new Taiwan production.

All instrument manufactures have a growing process and Kenny g Saxophones are no exception.  We started with the original E-Series, not so good, moved to the E-Series II, better, and then the E-Series III. Then  I moved the production to the Taiwan company after doing several years of research.  These saxophones simply play great and are very beautiful.  So we called it the E-Series IV… I made a few and then Kenny and I decided to have a completely new series and we called it the G-Series so it was necessary to stop the E-Series.

We now only make the G-Series saxophones.
The  G-Series IV available in all lacquer or lacquer with a Silver Plated Bell Section and Neck.
Coming at the end of 2016 we will introduce the NEW G-VI line of saxophones. This will be our top line professional saxophone featuring an 85% copper body with a beautiful Champagne lacquer.  There will be 1 soprano model, 1 alto model, 1 tenor model and 1 Low A baritone model in the line.