Meyer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


Play the alto mouthpiece of the jazz saxophone Gods



Meyer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Not much to say they are great… used again by most of the great jazz alto saxophone players…. more then any other alto mouthpiece…
Meyer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece



Once again all the new mouthpiece makers seem to say “I copied a Meyer Alto Mouthpiece”
You can copy any thing in the new world of CNC machines…. what you cannot copy i the Sulphur (Sulfer) in the original Meyer hard rubber… Some players and manufactures say the material has a lot to do with the sound….

Just once I would like these guys to say “Try my new design for  saxophone mouthpiece”

Additional information

Meyer Alto Mp

7 Small Chamber Medium Facing, 5 Medium Chamber Short Facing, 6 Medium Chamber Short Facing, 6 Medium Chamber Long Facing, 8 Medium Chamber Short Facing