• No Body in America need an Assult rifle to get throuth their Day

Nobody in America needs an Assault Rifle to get through their Day

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The main misconception about guns and something we must all understand is simple:

They are only good when they are in your hand, loaded and ready to shoot.  If you have an assault rifle in the trunk of your car and someone comes into the restaurant you are eating in starts to shoot…. Then the Assault rifle in your trunk is no good….

There are soldiers and police officers worldwide that are killed with guns at the ready… unless you’re going to carry that Assault rifle with you every minute of every day then it is of no good to you….

You would need it at the dinner table with your family, at the playground with your kids, at the store shopping for food and of course all day at work in your hand…..

These are not things we can do on-a-daily-basis…. So, why have these guns on the street…. It is once again simple:  there is too much money in selling guns to ever stop or control the selling of these guns.

When someone uses an Assault Rifle to kill then the company that makes the Assault Rifle should be made to pay for the families for the rest of their lives…. the only way to stop the insanity is to hit them where it hurts… in the pocket book…..

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I believe in this shirt and the need to control Assault Rifles. I am from Oklahoma and have been shooting guns since I was 12 years old and love guns….. I was in the Army (not a really-good soldier) so, I have been around guns all my life.  We need to renew our Driver License but never our guns…. I believe a real gun enthusiasts would welcome the registration of their guns and pay a small fee to renew the permit every two years or so…. this money could go to help prevent the massive tragedies we have been suffering at the hands of distributed people.


*All T-Shirts created by Rheuben Allen are for fun and entertainment only… They do not express my personal views and are not meant to offend anyone… if we cannot laugh at ourselves then we need to look hard inside ourselves…..



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