Clarinet Barrel Paris Master Model Educational Series ABS 62mm


Great to improve the intonation for young clarinet players.


Clarinet Barrel Paris Master Model® Educational Series ABS 62mm PMMCL-ABS62
Clarinet Barrel Specifications:
Brand Name: Paris Master Model®
Product: ABS B-Flat Clarinet
Model No.:   PMMCL-ABS62
Retail: $49.95 Price:  $29.95
Savings on $20.00
Material:  ABS Acoustic Plastic
Finish:  Silver Plated Rings
Paris Master Model® Educational Clarinet Barrel
PMMCL-ABS62 B-Flat Clarinet Barrel by Paris Master Model® is made from ABS Acoustic Plastic and has the tone quality of a great wood clarinet barrel.  I deigned this barrel for the student, amateur or professional that needs to raise the pitch of their clarinet.  The bore taper is designed to help keep the 12ths in tune with the shorter barrel as much as possible.
Paris Master Model Educational PMMCL-ABD62 Clarinet Barrel

Paris Master Model® Clarinet Barrels are designed to allow the clarinet player to achieve the great tone color, response and intonation that is so important on the clarinet.

Why do we need the barrel and not just make the clarinet longer so the mouthpiece just goes into the clarinet?

The main purpose of the clarinet barrel is to control both the sound of the clarinet and the pitch of the clarinet.  If we are flat when we play, then we generally use a shorter barrel to get the pitch in the right place. Also the mouthpiece, mouthpiece opening, how loose the embouchure is or the way each person’s embouchure is formed will determine the length of the barrel.

What things can the barrel effect.?

Intonation: this is generally effected by the length of the barrel.

Instrument response: this is generally determined by the taper of the barrel.

Sound or tone of the clarinet: this is generally determined by both the length and the bore of the barrel.


Paris Master Model® is a US Registered Trademark owned by Rheuben Allen.
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