RA Sliding Weight Neck


Change the sound and response of your saxophone quickly!
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I am happy to introduce the new Rheuben Allen Adjustable Sliding Weight Neck.
Featuring the Adjustable Sliding Weight System… US Patent Pending!

Rheuben talks about his neck on YouTube

Geoff Nudell talking bout the new neck on YouTube
RA Sliding Weight Neck Brace Brochure #8.0

Fits Rheuben Allen, Kenny G, YAMAHA Custom and many of the Selmer Mark VI saxophones

This feature of only having two small solder spots is an important part of the design of the neck and need to be included in the patent.

Important feature of the neck brace:

Traditional saxophone neck brace design:

  1. The traditional saxophone neck brace uses a large amount of solder to attach the brace to the saxophone neck.
  2. This brace is soldered over the original solder seam of the saxophone neck impairing the response, tone and adding resistance to the saxophone neck.
  3. The design of the traditional saxophone neck brace also makes it easy to bend the neck by either playing the saxophone or putting the mouthpiece on the neck of the saxophone.

2 small solder spots:

By having only two small solder spots to hold the brace to the neck we gain several improvements.

1.         The large amount of solder needed to attach the traditional neck brace is mostly removed from the original solder seam allowing the neck to vibrate better and have a better response. (Removing much of the resistance in the saxophone)
2.         This design of only having two small solder spots combined with the brace design is very strong.  It is more difficult to bend the neck by either playing the saxophone or putting the mouthpiece on the neck then the traditional neck brace.

  1. This brace can be added to any saxophone neck. The traditional brace can be removed or left on the neck if the player is looking for more resistance.