Rheuben Allen Plateau B-Flat Clarinet


These clarinets are a LIMITED Edition… more photos will follow soon……


Rheuben Allen Plateau B-Flat Clarinet:

Rheube Allen Plateau B-Flat Clarinet

What dos the word Plateau mean when talking about a clarinet?

I very simple terms it does not have holes that the finger needs to cover….. it has covered keys.

What does this mean to the young person playing the clarinet… again it is simple, they only need to push down the keys and there are no holes to cover so they will improve faster and not get frustrated.

For the clarinet-purest there is no difference in the natural fingerings of the two clarinets, no noticeable tone difference and a greatly improved response and even the upper register that is normally a problem plays better.

We start flute students on closed hole or Plateau flutes and they change to open hole flutes if they choose later. The same is true for the Plateau clarinet. If a student just wants to play and have fun the Plateau will last them a lifetime… I personally play one of the Plateau clarinet and I can play things I could not play on my standard clarinet because of ease of playing the high notes and the great response of the instrument.  I have had many very good clarinet players tell me they like my sound on the Plateau even more than the clarinet I did play.
*It of course took me a little time to get use to the feel of the clarinet but that is not a factor in a beginning student.  I also have many older clarinet players using the new Plateau because of hand problems.

*Each clarinet is inspected by me and I hand cut the tapers of the barrels to match the clarinet. I make sure the joints fit easily and the pad heights are set for the best response possible.  I match a Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Mouthpiece made here is the US to each clarinet.

Each clarinet is set up by me…….