Sax Not Assault Rifles




Well, as I have said many times “No one in America needs an Assualt Rifle to get through their day…..
The biggest misunderstanding about guns is of course:

“A gun is only good when it is in your hand, loaded and ready to fire”

An Assault Rifle in the trunk of your car is really not going to do you any good if you are in a restaurant or a bank and the bad guys come in…… for a gun to protect you or a loved one, again, it must be in your hand… you would have to carry it in your hand 24/7 to have it ready for a problem…. This is impossible to do for anyone…

There are soldiers and police killed every day that have guns on them… and they are trained to use them and react to danger…. and likely to be expecting to run into trouble…the gun does not really guarantee then safety… nor would it guarantee safety for you and your family 24/7….

I hear guys talk all the time about how they would like to shoot someone if they are in danger… It is really hard to point a gun at another person and pull the trigger… taking a life is not to be taken lightly….. you must search your soul and determine if you could take a life or not before getting a gun…. Shooting at targets and big talk do not come into play when faced with real danger!



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