Sweet Spott for Sax


Sweet-Spott for Saxophone is available for Alto Sax (SSASG $9.95), Tenor Sax (SSTSG $9.95) or as a set for Alto & Tenor Saxes (SSATSG $14.95)…


Sweet Spott for Sax: is a trademark of Rheuben Allen

When we talk about the Sweet-SpottTM and the saxophone we are talking about the placement of the mouthpiece on the neck cork where everything works at its best.

Where the intonation, tone color and response are the best throughout the complete range of the saxophone.

That is why when we play in a band or group where the pitch is higher or lower than the pitch should be…. We feel the instrument does not respond great. We are off the sweet spot…

I designed the Sweet-SpottTM mostly for younger players but it is good for anyone…. it is a brass ring…..

And I don’t want to hear form the saxophone player that thinks he or she know everything…. Yes you can put a line on the neck cork, and players have done this for over a hundred years, to mark the spot the mouthpiece goes…. But can you rely on the 10 year old lining it up correctly every time?   Or do you want to make it easy to find the Sweet-SpottTM Also, I don’t want to hear “I just put a mark around my neck where it goes” or “I have known that for years”

Sweet Spott for Sax is the band directors best friend… helps keep you saxophone section in tune.

If the group you are playing in plays out of tune … say something… make your life easier….

And of course anyone can make this ring… but I made it first!

*How to install the Sweet-SpottTM on the neck cork… it is simple: first grease the neck cork very well, then place the Sweet-SpottTM on the end of the neck cork. Use the mouthpiece to push the Sweet-SpottTM on the cork to the right place. When you take the mouthpiece off the Sweet-SpottTM will remain on the neck in the right place.

*The neck cork fit is very important… always make sure the cork is a cylinder.. make sure the back of the cork is the same size as the front of the cork….

As you can see in the photos I used a neck cork that has been around for a while to show the fit… I also showed different necks where the Sweet-SpottTM was on the corks in different places…



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Sweet-Spott Saxophone

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Alto & Tenor Saxophone Set