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Posted Aug. 24, 2017
Just took this G-Sharp key off a Cannonball Tenor Sax and there is not enough glue to float the pad. So when you are trying to float a New Cannonball pad, you will need to take the key off and add more glue.

Posted March 27, 2016
My friend Jack Nimitz low woodwind and baritone specialist had a Conn Gold Plated Bass saxophone. Now the range on this bass was just to high E-flat so I made a extra register key for Jack could go to the high F with ease.

It was simple all I needed to do was to switch the register key form the top to the bottom register tone hole so the front E & F fingerings would work. I placed the key above the normal register key so Jack would not hit it in normal playing but he could reach it easily if he needed to….
As you can see all you need to do is slide your finger a little higher and the key is easy to operate.
*My good friend Greg Huckins has this Conn Gold Plated Bass Saxophone now……

Bad Pad Seat!
I see this a lot when I take a saxophone apart to repair work.  This pad closed but as you can see the seat was really close to one side of the pad.  A simple fix is to tilt the pad cup back over the tone hole so the pad would seat in the center of the pad. The closer the pad is to being centered over the tone hole the better the pad will close and work.
*Not what you want to see in a pad seat!