Austin’s Sax Restorations

Austin is also GREAT TEACHER… his younger brother has had his new E-flat clarinet for only one day … he is alredy playing songs….

Austin working on a King Soprano Saxopone
Austin’s latest project is my King Straight Soprano saxophone… it is the same series as my Saxello
King C Melody Austin
Austin just restored this King C Melody Silver Plated Saxophone
Austin King Super 20 Alto Saxophone overhaul

Austin just finished restoring this King Super 20 Alto saxophone with pearl inlay… The client did not want the lacquer changed so it would stay original…. This sax plays great and personally I love the pearl inlay on the keys…..
Austin King Super 20 Alto Sax

Austin has beeen working on a very old Couf B-Flat Soprano saxophone… it needed a lot of work, straightening the bell section, making a G#/Bis adjustment bar. Slodering the G# key and making a brace to keep it from coming off since it did not just come unsoldered it was broken off the key.
He also completely repadded the soprano with Selmer Style metal boosters…

Austin Couf Sop ad
Austin Clarinet Cork work
Austin is puttng on a middle tenon cork on a Selmer Series 9 Clarinet