Warranty for all musical instruments and products

Warranty for all musical instruments and products.  Please check out the warranty before purchasing a product.  So you will know it before purchasing an item.

*****When you purchase a New instrument form any manufacture the shipping it from climate to climate might make the saxophone leak a little. I was a YAMAHA dealer and Pro Shop for YAMAHA in the early 90’s and I had to adjust every instrument that came in. They played great but just need to be checked. I worked at Buffet for a while and my job was to check and make sure they worked before we sent them out to the dealers. Most of the time they were great but just once in a while I had to do some work to make them play. They were sent from France to the US 2 completely different climates. We check every Rheuben Allen product that goes out of the warehouse and make sure they are in good working order before they go out. However climate changes, being thrown in shipping are all things the can make the instrument leak a little. If it is damaged in shipping you must keep all packaging and contact the shipper as soon as you notice the damage. Damage in shipment is not a warranty problem it is a shipper problem. Pads that shift a little are not warranty problems. All the Rheuben Allen product have been play tested and many of them by great soprano players for response, intonation and tone color. If you say it is out of tune then you need to practice a lot more.

Return Policy: The reason for returning an instruments are of course manufacture defects, instrument does not play. If the instrument is damaged in shipping then you need to contact the shipper first.  Let them know of the damage… all instruments are shipped with insurance but it is only good if the client talks to the shipper first….
Any claims made by the person purchasing the instrument will need to checked at the warehouse in Torrance, CA and the decision to refund all or a part the money will be made by Rheuben Allen product personal. If the instrument is not returned in new or the same condition it was sent in then there will be a 20% restocking charge. If the instruments need repair not connected with original condition then we will pay the return shipping cost to you after the instrument is repaired. The client must pay the cost to ship the instrument to the warehouse in Torrance.

Rheuben Allen products are covered against defects in workmanship, materials, and manufacturing for two years from date of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the new Rheuben Allen product and only when the original purchase is made from an authorized Rheuben Allen product Dealer or Rheuben Allen product Affiliated Website. There are a couple of companies selling Rheuben Allen product in China for example without our permission and they do not pay for the use of the name. The Chinese think nothing of selling instruments with your name on them as either their own or as the say “It is just business”. One company is telling their clients they paid us a lot of money to use the name and that is of course not the case. Rheuben Allen product, at its discretion, will find the best possible solution to the problem and remedy the situation in a timely manner.

To receive warranty service, please contact the Rheuben Allen product Dealer or Website where original purchase was made. If that is not possible, please contact Rheuben Allen % Golden Sound distributors, Inc. at 1978 Del Amo Blvd. Unit B Torrance, California 90501 USA. Warranty requires prior authorization from Rheuben Allen product or the Dealer or Website where the instrument was purchased before the instrument can be returned for warranty work. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of warranty request.

Warranty Exclusions:

Rheuben Allen does not warrant against deterioration from perspiration, high humidity, extreme temperatures, oxidation or tarnish of finishes, or other external causes. Rheuben Allen product disclaims and excludes liability for damage done to finish or plating by excess polishing or pressure or use of a polishing cloth or any other product that takes the plating off. Use a soft cloth, free of chemicals for all finishes. Wipe the fingerprints off often and dry moisture off inside and outside the horn as often as possible. Keep your instrument dry and in its case when storing the instrument.

Instruments that have been altered in any way, or the identification numbers removed or changed are not eligible for warranty. Rheuben Allen product disclaims and excludes liability for any incidental or consequential damages. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, negligence, accidents, lack of reasonable maintenance or failure to follow Rheuben Allen product Care Instructions. Warranty does not cover loss or theft of instrument.

Warranty does not cover pads, corks, felts, normal use, normal upkeep, regulation or poor quality repair work done to the saxophone by local repairman or work done by any unauthorized Rheuben Allen product repairman and all problems must be reported within 10 days after discovery.

*All warranty repair must be accompanied by a copy of he original sales receipt, name of place the saxophone was purchased, name of original purchaser, date and serial number of the instrument.

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