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In an effort to devote more time to my foundation (the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation) and Kenny G Saxophones I am going to cut back on my line of saxophones.  I will be closing out the lines and hope you find the great deals on this site to your liking. *All Closeout products as sold as is… most are new and others are trade show, shop worn products and what they are will be listed on the sale page.  Thanks
P.S. I am also getting very old and would not like to work 7 days a week any longer…… All products are sold while they last!
*RAAS5L Lacquered Intermediate Alto Saxophone  Retail: $2,995.00  ra.com $ 695.00
*RAAS5S Silveer Plated Intermediate Alto Saxophone  Retail: $2,995.00  ra.com $ 795.00
*RAAS6GL Gold Plated Alto Saxophone MSRP: $2,995.00  ra.com: $ 995.00

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List of new products coming soon!
PMMCL-HRE PARIS Master Model® Educational Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet MSRP: $1,295.00 ra.com: $ 795.00
PMMCL-HRA PARIS Master Model® Hard Rubber Clarinet  in the key of A    MSRP: $1,995.00 ra.com: $1,295.00

Exclusive New Manufacturer Direct Products ….  New Wholesale Pricing
RAAS4L Lacquered Educational Alto Saxophone Retail $1,295.00 ra.com $995.00
Rheuben Allen Champagne Low A Baritone Saxophone Retail: $8995.00 ra.com: $4895.00 (Production is only 2 a year)
BDAS Professional Alto Saxophone Black Nickel Plated Retail: $3,995.00  ra.com $2,495.00
Rheuben Allen Champagne Low A Baritone Saxophone Photo Page
RABS8L Rheuben Allen Low A Baritone Saxophone Lacquered Finish:  MSRP: $6,995.00  ra.com: $ 2,995.00 (Production 2 a year)

*PMMCL-ABS1 Paris Master Model® ABS B-Flat Clarinet  Retail: $1,295.00  ra.com: $647.50

*Clarinet & Saxophone Accessories

Clarinet & Saxophone Reeds

ReedGeek® Reed Tools for Clarinet & Saxophone:
About ReedGeek® Products
ReedGeek®Universal “Classic” – the Geek that started it all       $59.95
ReedGeek® Universal “Classic” with Plaque & Gauge Set      $69.95
ReedGeek® Black Diamond “G4” Reed Tool (Only)      $69.95
ReedGeek® Black Diamond “G4” with Plaque & Gauge Set      $79.95
ReedGeek® “DoubleGeek” Universal Reed Tool with Handle      $82.95
ReedGeek® “DoubleGeek Special” w/solid stainless handle   $92.95
ReedGeek® Plaque & Gauge Set   $15.95
ReedGeek® Black Neoprene Bag with Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth      $12.95

*Saxophone Accessories:
RAAS-Mp Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece  Retail: $39.95   ra.com $29.95
RATS-Mp Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Retail: $49.95  ra.com $ 34,95
RAS-TR Rheuben Allen Stress Relief Saxophone Thumb Rest Retail: $24.95  ra.com $14.05
RASS-Pg Rheuben Allen Straight Soprano Saxophone Peg Retail: $49.95  ra.com: $ 29.95

Rico (D’Addario) H-Ligatures
Rico Alto Saxophone H-Ligature Silver Plated Retail: $ 51.75  ra.com: $25.90
Rico Alto Saxophone H-Ligature Gold Plated Retail: $67.50  ra.com: $33.90

Rico Saxophone Straps
Rico Padded Sax Strap Metal Hook Retail: $39.75    ra.com $19.95
Rico Padded Sax Strap Plastic Hook Retail: $39.75    ra.com $19.95
Rico Fabric Sax Strap (Gray Scales) with Metal Hook Retail: $19.00  ra.com 10.99
Rico Fabric Sax Strap (Industrial) with Metal Hook Retail: $19.00   Ra.com $10.99

ReedGeek® /Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer IN STOCK!
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Satin or Brushed Siver Plated Brass $70.00
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Satin or Brushed Brass $60.00
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Polished Silver Plated $70.00 
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Polished Brass $60.00

*Instrument Specials
KGASL-EIV Lacquered Alto Saxophone   $1,195.00
KGASLS-EIV Lacquered Body & Keys w/ Silver Plated Bell & Neck Alto sax $1,295.oo
KGASL-EIII Lacquered Alto Saxophone  $995.00

*E-Flat Alto Saxophones 

*Clarinet Accessories & Instruments
RACL-Mp Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Clarinet Mouthpiece Retail: $29.95 ra.com $19.95
RACL-Pg Rheuben Allen Clarinet Peg Retail: $ 49.95  ra.com: $29.95
RACL-TR Rheuben Allen B-Flat & A clarinet tuning ring set Retail: $ 19.95  ra.com $14.95
PMMCL-ABS62 Paris Master Model Educational Series ABS 62mm Clarinet Barrel Retail: $49.95  ra.com $29.95
PMMCL-HWB Paris Master Model® Wood Clarinet Barrels

Luyben Clarinet Ligatures:
About LUYBEN Clarinet Ligatures
LUYBEN Clarinet Ligatures Available in black, opaque, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and silver.   Each ligature comes w/a matching Luyben mouthpiece cap.   Retail: $14.00   ra.com: $12.95

D’Addraio (Rico) Clarinet Ligatures
Rico Clarinet H-Ligature Silver Plated Retail: $46.75  ra.com: $23.40
Rico Clarinet H-Ligature Gold Plated  Retail: $57.25  ra.com: $28.65
Rico Bass Clarinet H-Ligature Silver Plated Retail: $83.50  ra.com: $41.95


A Clarinets (clarinets in the key of A)
PMMCL-HRA Paris Master Model® Hard Rubber Custom Clarinet in the key of A   Retail: $1,895.00   ra.com: $ 1,295.00

C Clarinets (clarinets in the key of C)
PMMCL-HRC Paris Master Model® Hard Rubber Clarinet in the key of C Retail: $1,495.00 ra.com: $895.00

E-Flat Clarinets (clarinets in the key of E-Flat)
PMMCL-HRE101 Paris Master Model® Hard Rubber Clarinet in the key of E-Flat

Flute Accessories & Instruments
RAFL-Pg Rheuben Allen Flute Peg Retail: 29.95  ra.com $19.95

Instruments for sale that benefit the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation.
Any and all the proceeds from the sale of these instruments go to the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation to help provide instruments to deserving children.

*These instruments are available only in my warehouse in Torrance. Please call for more information. 818-985-9846
Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone — SOLD!
Selmer Mark VI Low B-Flat Baritone Saxophone
Buffet B-Flat Clarinet
Buffet A Clarinet
Leblanc Dynamic H B-Flat Clarinet
YAMAHA 82Z Bare Brass Alto Saxophone
Conn Low B-flat Baritone Saxophone
P Muriat B-Flat 2 neck soprano saxophone
Yamaha Student flute _SOLD!

*These instruments will be for sale on the internet and to dealers
Count Basie Young Artist Series E-Flat Alto Saxophone
Count Basie Young Artist Series B-Flat Tenor Saxophone
Count Basie Young Artist Series B-Flat Trumpet
Count Basie Young Artist Series C Flute
Count Basie Young Artist Series B-Flat Clarinet
Kenny G Young Artist Series E-Flat Alto Saxophone
*I will be adding these instruments over the next month… please check back….

www.rheuben.org the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Non-Profit that helps children that cannot afford to get instruments to start playing musical instruments at no charge to the child or parent.

Rheuben Allen T-Shirts can be seen around the world!


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