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Artist No. 1 Playing the KGSS-HRMp1 Power Chamber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece
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Rheuben Allen Saxophones
*RABS8CL Rheuben Allen Champagne Low A Baritone Saxophone:  MSRP: $8,995.00    ra.com:  $4,895.00 (Production LIMITED to 2 a year) (***Currentlt SOLD OUT)
RABS8CL Information Page
RABS8L Rheuben Allen Gold Lacquered Low A Baritone Saxophone MSRP: $6,995.00 ra.com $3,495.00 (Currentlt SOLD OUT)
BDAS Black Diamond Professi0onal Alto Saxophone (Black Nickel Plated) MSRP: $3,495.00 ra.com: $2,994.00
RAAS4L Rheuben Allen Educational Alto Saxophone Available only on ra.com $995.00

*Woodwind Mouthpieces
RACL-Mp Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Clarinet Mouthpiece Retail: $29.95 ra.com $19.95
KGSS-HRMp1 Kenny G Hard Rubber “Power Chamber” Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece $295.00
RAAS-Mp Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece  Retail: $39.95   ra.com $29.95
RATS-Mp Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Retail: $49.95  ra.com $ 34,95
*Clarinet Barrels and Accessories
PMMCL-ABS62 Paris Master Model Educational Series ABS 62mm Clarinet Barrel Retail: $49.95  ra.com $29.95
RACL-Pg Rheuben Allen Clarinet Peg Retail: $ 49.95  ra.com: $29.95
RACL-TR Rheuben Allen B-Flat & A clarinet tuning ring set Retail: $ 19.95  ra.com $14.95
PMMCL-HWB Paris Master Model® Wood Clarinet Barrels
*Saxophone Accessories:
RAS-TR Rheuben Allen Stress Relief Saxophone Thumb Rest Retail: $24.95  ra.com $14.05
RASS-Pg Rheuben Allen Straight Soprano Saxophone Peg Retail: $49.95  ra.com: $ 29.95
Saxophone Specials
KGASL-EIV Lacquered Alto Saxophone   $1,195.00KGASLS-EIV Lacquered Body & Keys w/ Silver Plated Bell & Neck Alto sax $1,295.ooKGASL-ES Lacquered Alto Saxophone  $995.00
Paris Master Model® Woodwinds
*PMMCL-ABS1 Paris Master Model® ABS B-Flat Clarinet  Retail: $1,295.00  ra.com: $647.50
PMMCL-HRE PARIS Master Model® Educational Hard Rubber E-Flat Clarinet MSRP: $1,295.00 ra.com: $ 795.00
PMMCL-HRA1 PARIS Master Model® Hard Rubber Clarinet  in the key of A    MSRP: $1,695.00 ra.com: $995.00 Out of stock!
PMMCL-HRA1C Paris Master Model® Hard Rubber Custom Clarinet in the key of A   Retail: $1,995.00   ra.com: $ 1,295.00 Out of stock
PMMCL-HRC Paris Master Model® Hard Rubber Clarinet in the key of C Retail: $1,495.00 ra.com: $895.00
PMMCL-HRE101 Paris Master Model® Hard Rubber Clarinet in the key of E-Flat
Luyben Clarinet Ligatures:
About LUYBEN Clarinet Ligatures
LUYBEN Clarinet Ligatures Available in black, opaque, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and silver.  Each ligature comes w/a matching Luyben mouthpiece cap.   Retail: $14.00   ra.com: $12.95
Flutes and Accessories
RAFL-Pg Rheuben Allen Flute Peg Retail: 29.95  ra.com $19.95

RA/GSD Front Room display

ReedGeek® Reed Tools for Clarinet & Saxophone:
About ReedGeek® Products
ReedGeek®Universal “Classic” – the Geek that started it all       $59.95
ReedGeek® Universal “Classic” with Plaque & Gauge Set      $69.95
ReedGeek® Black Diamond “G4” Reed Tool (Only)      $69.95
ReedGeek® Black Diamond “G4” with Plaque & Gauge Set      $79.95
ReedGeek® “DoubleGeek” Universal Reed Tool with Handle      $82.95
ReedGeek® “DoubleGeek Special” w/solid stainless handle   $92.95
ReedGeek® Plaque & Gauge Set   $15.95
ReedGeek® Black Neoprene Bag with Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth      $12.95
ReedGeek® /Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Satin or Brushed Siver Plated Brass $70.00
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Satin or Brushed Brass $60.00
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Polished Silver Plated $70.00 
ReedGeek® “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer   Polished Brass $60.00
Available only in RA/GSD Warehouse in Torrance, CA
D’Addraio (Rico) Clarinet Ligatures
Rico Clarinet H-Ligature Silver Plated Retail: $46.75  ra.com: $23.40
Rico Clarinet H-Ligature Gold Plated  Retail: $57.25  ra.com: $28.65
Rico Bass Clarinet H-Ligature Silver Plated Retail: $83.50  ra.com: $41.95
Rico (D’Addario) H-Ligatures
Rico Alto Saxophone H-Ligature Silver Plated Retail: $ 51.75  ra.com: $25.90
Rico Alto Saxophone H-Ligature Gold Plated Retail: $67.50  ra.com: $33.90
Rico Saxophone Straps
Rico Padded Sax Strap Metal Hook Retail: $39.75    ra.com $19.95
Rico Padded Sax Strap Plastic Hook Retail: $39.75    ra.com $19.95
Rico Fabric Sax Strap (Gray Scales) with Metal Hook Retail: $19.00  ra.com 10.99
Rico Fabric Sax Strap (Industrial) with Metal Hook Retail: $19.00   Ra.com $10.99
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