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RA Alto Sax mouthpiece Wed. May 25th special

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New C-Melody and Bass Clarinet mouthpieces

I have 4 new products: Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces in both Acoustic Plastic and Hard Rubber… C-Melody Saxophone Mouthpieces in both Acoustic Plastic and Hard Rubber… Look under Clarinet or Saxophone Accessories to pourchase these products….

Carlos is playing one of my 92% Copper Necks with the Sliding Weight System on his Kenny G Saxophone.. he sounds great….

Muncie Indiana Workshop

This is my work area in Muncie…. I get to look out over my backyard and deck….not at a wall….. I also have a mouthpiece table where I do my mouthpiece work…. If you are in Muncie call and come visit….. I am kinda a friendly guy! I work on saxophones & clarinets & spent a little over a year at Buffet in California setting up clarinets and working with Mr. Francois Kloc….

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