Our new building

Our New Building

Our new building: The new building main room will have a good size concert hall with a small stage but enough room for larger groups. We will use chairs so the room can be refigured for different concerts.
Mostly for small concerts of around 50 people.
*We will provide this space to local private teachers as a place they can have their students get experience playing in front of a live audience, even if it is mostly family and friends.

There is a full Kitchen for receptions etc. and 1 or 2 lesson studios in the back of the building.

A showroom for The Sax Shop & Rheuben Allen Woodwinds.

A great office for me to hang out in with friends (people in Muncie are very friendly).

2 Great client bathrooms.

A large round table in the main room to set at, relax and do what most musicians are very good at talk.

16 parking spaces and 2 large lots for additional parking.

Our new building #2