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Chinese steal…

Well, it is common knowledge that the Chinese will steal anything … they do not have any original ideas so they just steal form those of us that do…. the Chinese businessman cannot be trusted… just keep that in mind….. the biggest mistake a US businessman can to do is to do business with China…..

Naujoks Saxohone tone Boosters

Well, most people call these saxophone tone boosters the “Hollywood Tone Booster” mostly because no one could spell Naujoks… back in the day Bill Naujoks, Gleen Johnson and Mac worked on most of the woodwinds in Los Angeles This Sax Tone Booster is also known as the “Hollywood Tone Booster” I think because no one […]

Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece placement

Mouthpiece Position on the Soprano Saxophone: It is very important that the mouthpiece be pushed in or down on the neck cork a good amount for the soprano to play properly… this will of course vary a little but most players do not push the mouthpiece on the cork far enough.. The length of the […]