The Jazz Saxophone

I know it does not seem like it but the saxophone is one of the last instruments an artist can produce a original sound…. People are talking about the downfall of the saxophone in pop music and it is because everyone sounds alike and plays the same licks…. If I hear one more alto player crack … Read more

New Diggs

Well, I am in Indiana now and really having a great time it so far…… should be set up by the end of April or early May…. I will keep everyone informed as I know more…. lots of work to do……


Now that I am in Indiana I will have a lot more time to do videos talking about… anything at all….. I will be showing many unusual clarinets and saxophones… also be talking about repair of both clarinetss nd saxophones….

Master Craftsman

Why not make the right choice and purchase your student clarinet, saxophone or flute from a Master Craftsman…. each instrument is checked, set up and play tested by a word renound craftsman….. give yourseld evey chance to play a great instrument…..