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Gary McFarland America the Beautiful

Gary McFarland America the Beautiful An Account Of It’s Disappearance..

This is very timely today…..  America as many of us know it is gone….. there does not seem to be an answer…… just keep the faith that it will return…

As Americans we need to group together and quit being so petty about things… “He invaded my space” hell every time I go to the market some fat lady brushes against me… Do I cry and scream “You invaded my space” no… No…

As long as the powers to be keep the white and black people, men and women fighting each other they have the power…. stand together and we have the power…… What’s that old saying “Power to the people”

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New Tariffs hurt US Music Business

Problems faced by a relatively small US music business when doing business with China .

If the president thinks his tariffs will work to help US business fight the Chinese products he is sadly mistaken.  You can go to Amazon, eBay and almost all other big internet sales places and see products you can purchase directly from mainland China without any tariffs…
So now the US music business person will pay more for the products and the pride gap from the products sold directly from China will become much bigger…. This will hurt the US music business more than it will help.

If we pay $50.00 more per product we will need to pass it on to our customers… but that same customers buy that product directly from China and pay no tariff… again I would like the President to explain how that is going to help the US businessman. I don’t think the President has a clue and never thinks things through…..
Anything sold directly from China should be required to have an even higher tariff then the US businessman… now that would help the US Businessman! AMAZON, eBay and all the other big sellers should be required to place the high tariff on the products they allow to be sold directly.

Or they should not allow the Chinese businessman to sell directly to the US.


This shows how greedy the Chinese businessman is…. they do not care about the long-range business and just want to make all they can today.  They do not understand by selling direct they have almost destroyed their OEM business…. Doing OEM business with the US dealers is worth much more than the little money they make by selling direct to the us.

I lived in mainland China for over 3 years learning about how their factories worked and just how they do business.  There is no protection for foreign products made in China. They will copy anything and even use the name of the product….  I design and make the Kenny G saxophones and there is a company in China named JINYIN that sells Kenny G saxophones without giving us any money.  The have posters all around their factory telling the world they make Kenny G Saxophones and tell the client they gave us a lot of money to use the name…. NONE OF THAT IS TRUE!

Every product I designed while in China has been copied and many of the products I paid for the molds etc. and are being sold to my completion here in the US…

I do not make any Kenny G Saxophones in mainland China…. I have moved everything to Taiwan do to the unscrupulous business practices.  Just be screwing me one small business they have cost themselves many hundreds-thousands of dollars over the next few years.




These issues should be address for good long term business with China and any other country as well.  There are ways to fix these problems but they must be looked at and a long-term plan made. For EXAMPLE: the President’s tariff, I am not against raising tariffs on imported products…. But saying this will help manufacturers in the US is not realistic…. The tariff should have been added a little over the next 5 to 10 years… then both countries could have made it work… it is not possible for a guy to start making a saxophone in the US in month… it would take 5 plus years…..  if the tariff was being raised each year the people could start manufacturing in the US.

What made America great wand not Silicon Valley (Who jobs most production out of the US) but the hard work of the great American labor force making the best products in the world.

This work force has been forgotten and we need to bring it back…


Just a thought…….

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New Accessories Coming Soon


Accessories Coming Soon!

I will be introducing a New Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power 92% copper Tenor Saxophone Neck in early May 2019.  This is the final neck in the development and evolution of my saxophone necks.

This neck will offer more of everything you want in a saxophone neck.  Volume Range, Great Tone Color and a much better response.
They have been tested by many excellent saxophone players and they have all had only good things to say about the necks.  They have been tested on Selmer Mark VI & VII, YAMAHA Custom, Kenny G GIV & GVI, Selmer Super Action 80 Saxes and all have worked well….
I know if you try one you will like them…. Mostly because they work…

Another project I have in the works is a new material for the pivot screws on the Mark VI saxophones that will allow the saxophone to vibrate better and more evenly….. Ready soon.

I have a few new weighted neck screws and have made different ones so they will fit most saxophones. Selmer, YAMAHA, Rheuben Allen, Kenny G, Older – Conns, Buescher, Kings

I have a couple new lines of saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece in acoustic plastic and hard rubber.

My new Plateau B-Flat Clarinets are being tested and I am working on a few improvements to make them play great.  They will be great for the young student with small hands and the older professional that might be developing hand problems.  My friends Bill Perkins form the Johnny Carson “Tonight Show” band used one for the last couple years he played.  My great friend Jack Nimitz of “SuperSax” used one for a while later in life.  I know because I get them for my friends.

I am playing the Plateau clarinet exclusively now and love many of the things I can do on them that I cannot do on my regular clarinets… and God knows I own a lot of great regular clarinets.

I am constantly developing new concepts for saxophones and clarinets and that will continue until my death which could be anytime as I am not in good health and very old. Mostly very old!

Having said that I am looking forward to my 100th birthday. It really is not that far away…..

I will put the new products up on this site as soon as they become available… these products will only be available on this site.

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Saxophone Side Key Corks

Saxophone Side Key Corks: I see this a lot of saxophones that come in for repair. The side key corks are to long and make the key not open correctly and feel funny when they are operated.Sax Side Key Long Cork


The correct way is to have the cork only on the flat part of the key… Opens correctly and feels better.
Sax Side Key right Cork Length

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How I met the Munchkin

Jerry Maren form the Wizzard of OZ

Jerry Maren: Munchkin

How I met Jerry was my friend Ted Zeigler was working on a remake of Truth or Consequences as the announcer and he took me along for one of the first shows.  They had Jerry and Billy as the little people on the show and after the first show was over he introduced me to Jerry… well that was that… I came back another time and when the show was over Jerry came up to me and said “he wanted to go to the opening of a movie he was in and he did not have a car…. So, could I drive him… Well of course I said yes… it was at the VA theater in Westwood so at the time it was not that far from where I lived.
We show up and he invites me to go along with him so I did…. We get to the door and we are in street clothes and everyone is in Tuxes…. He tells the guard he forgot his invitation and the guard told him it was OK he knew who he was…… so we go in and find seats … as the movie starts it was for the premier of “SpaceBalls” … we were sitting just a couple rows back from Mel Brooks and his group and no one seemed to mind that we really looked out of place… after it was over I took Jerry home and that is how our friendship began.

My friend Jerry Maren the Munchkin that handed Dorothy the sucker in the “Wizard of Oz” passed away at the age of 98…. Great run for a little person.

I remember going by his house one day and his wife Elizabeth was also a little person so everything was set so they could get to it.  That included the toilet … I was just about peeing on my ankles…. The reason I am telling this is later that same day a went to visit my friend Wilt Chamberlain and of course had to take a leak… wilt told me to use his bathroom…. Well the toilet was raised and I almost had to stand on my toes to take the leak….  I must be the only one in the world that had the experience….

Jerry and Elizabeth loved to go to Steward Andersons or the Stake House next to Warner Brothers (the name slips my mind and it is famous) for lunch or dinner…..

Jerry, Liz and I went to see one of the Disney on Ice shows and of course Jerry was the special guest… the funny thing is that most of the people that came up to him thought he was the Mayor since he had a mustache and was old…. They did not realize it had been at that time 30 plus years since he was in the movie. The way Jerry got the job in the Oz was he could dance…. So, he worked with the other two guys to do the dancing and they were all great.

Jerry did a lot of interesting things to make money in his life….. Munchkin, Ham Burglar, Oscar Meyer kid on the truck… (But he wasn’t really a kid f course) A Night at the Circus with the Marks Brothers, Little Rascals, He was a Midget Wrestler, played the horses… there was never a dull moment with Jerry…

Liz liked to be the young child that had spiders crawling up her leg in the horror movies… I think as I recall she was the oldest of 12 children and Jerry was the youngest of 12 children and they were the only little people.

I am and always will be proud to be able call Jerry and Liz my friends. Both Jerry and Liz have passed away and they are missed.
Jerry Maren Tux