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Gary McFarland America the Beautiful

Gary McFarland America the Beautiful An Account Of It’s Disappearance.. This is very timely today…..  America as many of us know it is gone….. there does not seem to be an answer…… just keep the faith that it will return… As Americans we need to group together and quit being so petty about things… […]

Chicken Neck

Chicken Neck form the CD Grease Mechanix by Frank Macchia This features great musicians form Los Angeles…. and Frank is a very interesting composer that uses many different instruments. GREAT FUN!

No Good Reeds

Please check out the “There are no good reeds” T-Shirt on this site…  we have suffered enough and the world should know how much we suffer…

Small Pads

These pads were replaced by a repairman….. They are very small and are impossible to seat and have the stay seated.