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Hollywood Clarinet Quartet

These is one of the original recordings made by the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet members at the time were: Rheuben Allen , Lee Callet, Don Markese and Bev Dahlke on Bass Clarinet. This was a fun group… “Thrice as Nice” by Dan Higgins …. solo is by Lee

Today’s T-Shirt

I Love Paris in the springtime. All my T-Shirts are LIMITED Editions and Numbered.

New T-Shirt

Here is my latest T-Shirt This T-Shirt is a LIMITED Edition: Limited to 25 White and 25 Yellow. Each shirt is numbered.

King Bari Sax

I added a King Bari Sax super old neck is part of the tube… Donted to my foundation by Fred Paulos Same design as the famous Saxello, 2 pad cups for the G (A pain to get them to seat together), G-Sharp is on the back of the saxophone…

Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation

Rheuben Allen Music Education Foundation provides deserving young people with instruments at no cost to the student, parent or guardian.  You can help by setting up AmazonSmile at the bottom of this page…. as of this date we have given over 300 musical instruments to deserving young people.