Introducing the Plateau Clarinet

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Introducing the Plateau Clarinet.A covered hole clarinet is a huge help for players with smaller hands or with finger problems such as arthritis, but it is also recommended for any player who simply wants a clarinet that is easier to play! On an ‘ordinary’ clarinet the main six finger holes need to be perfectly covered … Read more

Oehler Syatem Clarinet

The Oehler system (also spelled Öhler) is a system for clarinet keys developed by Oskar Oehler. Based on the Muller System (Ivan Muller)  clarinet, the system adds tone holes to correct intonation and acoustic deficiencies, notably of the alternately-fingered notes B♭ and F. The system has more keys than the Boehm system, up to 27 in the Voll-Oehler system (full … Read more

New Accessories Coming Soon

Accessories Coming Soon! I will be introducing a New Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power 92% copper Tenor Saxophone Neck in early May 2019.  This is the final neck in the development and evolution of my saxophone necks. This neck will offer more of everything you want in a saxophone neck.  Volume Range, Great Tone Color and a … Read more

Common clarinet repair mistakes: Article No. 1

Common clarinet repair mistakes: Article No. 1 One of the most common mistakes made by many repairmen is they use a pad that is too large for the 1st finger left hand key under the throat A key.  This is the tone hole that allows the open G to speak and if the pad is … Read more