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New Accessories Coming Soon


Accessories Coming Soon!

I will be introducing a New Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power 92% copper Tenor Saxophone Neck in early May 2019.  This is the final neck in the development and evolution of my saxophone necks.

This neck will offer more of everything you want in a saxophone neck.  Volume Range, Great Tone Color and a much better response.
They have been tested by many excellent saxophone players and they have all had only good things to say about the necks.  They have been tested on Selmer Mark VI & VII, YAMAHA Custom, Kenny G GIV & GVI, Selmer Super Action 80 Saxes and all have worked well….
I know if you try one you will like them…. Mostly because they work…

Another project I have in the works is a new material for the pivot screws on the Mark VI saxophones that will allow the saxophone to vibrate better and more evenly….. Ready soon.

I have a few new weighted neck screws and have made different ones so they will fit most saxophones. Selmer, YAMAHA, Rheuben Allen, Kenny G, Older – Conns, Buescher, Kings

I have a couple new lines of saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece in acoustic plastic and hard rubber.

My new Plateau B-Flat Clarinets are being tested and I am working on a few improvements to make them play great.  They will be great for the young student with small hands and the older professional that might be developing hand problems.  My friends Bill Perkins form the Johnny Carson “Tonight Show” band used one for the last couple years he played.  My great friend Jack Nimitz of “SuperSax” used one for a while later in life.  I know because I get them for my friends.

I am playing the Plateau clarinet exclusively now and love many of the things I can do on them that I cannot do on my regular clarinets… and God knows I own a lot of great regular clarinets.

I am constantly developing new concepts for saxophones and clarinets and that will continue until my death which could be anytime as I am not in good health and very old. Mostly very old!

Having said that I am looking forward to my 100th birthday. It really is not that far away…..

I will put the new products up on this site as soon as they become available… these products will only be available on this site.

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My neck is loose does that effect the way my sax plays?

My neck is loose does that effect the way my sax plays?

Of course it will… the neck fit is one of the most important things that needs to be correct for the saxophone to play at it’s best. Too loose, too tight, out of round, all these things can prevent the saxophone from playing the way it should.

To fit the neck correctly takes time and is a job you should leave with the repairman so it can be done correctly. Metal has a memory and the neck can need to be fitted several times before it holds the fit. This is a job you will need to trust your repairman to do right. Each repairman has their concepts on how the neck should fit so you are at their mercy…

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Fitting the saxophone neck cork.

Fitting the saxophone neck cork. The main thing to remember when fitting a neck cork to the mouthpiece is simple. The neck is a cone with a taper and both the cork and mouthpiece are cylinders. So you must sand the cork more on the side toward the neck register key and less at the end the mouthpiece fits on….

We have all seen the necks where the mouthpiece only goes on so far the rest of the cork is big. Simply not sanded enough at the back end of the cork. The mouthpiece need to go all the way on the cork, not that you will always play it there but it is nice to have a little wiggle room just in case.

Check out my video on neck corks.

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Saxophone right hand key noise and bounce..

Saxophone right hand key noise and bounce..

A lot of manufactures and repairmen let the cork under the right hand keys bounce against the main body of the saxophone.   This creates two things: Noise and bounce in the right hand keys when they are lifted. The fix is very simple: just glue a piece of soft felt to the main body of the saxophone under the key. The noise will likely go away and it might help a little with the bounce of the keys in the right hand.