Protecting you saxophone neck.


Protecting you saxophone neck.

Over the years I have seen most repair problem and a lot of different kinds of damage to saxophones. How to protect the saxophone neck.

This is a list of a few ways to destroy your saxophone neck and a couple way to avoid the damage.
* Carry it in the outside of a soft bag or a bag with a soft pocket. When damage is done to a neck it is highly likely that the neck cannot be made to the original condition. Just can’t! When you use a soft bag or case without proper protection for the pockets put the neck in the bell of the saxophone! I have over the years seen many saxophones run over by cars, thrown against walls and even stepped on by an elephant. When the neck was in the bell they survived the damage. If you have a neck you like it is more important that the saxophone itself. Always protect the neck and mouthpiece. When I travel and need to check my saxophone I always carry the neck and mouthpiece in my carryon. Loose the sax, who cares, loose the mouthpiece or neck you cry. There are dozens of bags on the market that will carry your mouthpiece and neck. When you are carrying the sax put it in the bell, when you check the sax put the bag in your carryon….

I make a neck case for alto or tenor that is wood and will help protect the necks you love.