How I met Eddie Harris.


How I met Eddie Harris.

How I met Eddie Harris

I was setting in my shop minding my own business when a guy came in… I thought I recognized him for somewhere but I jut could not place him. He said “I cannot play my high notes on my tenor and I need your help” well then I knew where I had seen him. It was on some of hi album covers and it was Eddie Harris. Now I am not the brightest person on the planet but I was definitely not going to they to tell Eddie Harris about how to play high notes.

He turned his back to me and put his saxophone together and started to play. Well it sounded just terrible. I had no idea what to say… then he turned around and his neck was at a right angle. He had closed it in his car door and it was bent to hell. He just started laughing and that was how I met him… He was yanking my chain before I met him. He always had something funny to say and kept me laughing. By the way he was playing a Mark VII Tenor and I had a new neck I gave him…