Selmer Mark VI Vintage Saxophones

Selmer Mark VI Vintage Saxophones

I am working on a beautiful loop side key Selmer Mark VI tenor and it needs about half the pads changed. As I start I see that 3 or 4 pads have been changed a long time ago and the repairman took out the original Dome Metal Selmer Boosters and used the Hollywood Tone Booster instead. Now the sax has a few Hollywood and some Selmer Metal.

Replacing those 3 or 4 original boosters is costly and they are hard to find. Having been in the repair business for close to a 100 years it feels like I had a few of the original Selmer Boosters in my shop. (don’t call they were the last I had)

It is up to you when you take a great vintage saxophone to a repairman to let them know you want the original boosters replaced in the pads. They simply un-screw and screw into the new pad. Believe it or not it would have been faster for the repairman to re-use the original boosters that to put in the Hollywood Boosters.

Having the same booster helps balance the tone color of the sax, helps the response to be the same throughout the instruments and just looks right……

Keep the original Metal Dome Boosters as long as you can…