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My free music studies and exercise site is now up an running…  I will continue to update it daily.

Plasticover Reeds

I was asked if Plasticover Reeds are good for beginners. The short answer is NO!  Plasticover reeds respond differently, have a different sound and can make playing the instrument more difficult, Now having said that I play Plasticover reeds on both clarinet and baritone saxophone.  I am likely one of the few people on the… Continue reading Plasticover Reeds

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Mel’s Diner

I had dinner last night at Mel’s Diner on Sunset.. it was fun… I had Goat Cheese and Turkey Sliders… It had a lot of green stuff on it… I usually don’t eat things that are green, first time I ever tried that… 8585 Sunset Blvd.

KG Hard Rubber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece

Up 10.20.16 I have designed with Kenny’s input two new Hard Rubber Soprano Saxophone  mouthpieces. The Power Chamber and the Traditional Dark Chamber models. Mouthpieces are made in the US and come with a Rovner Ligature and cap.