Rod & Pivot Screw Storage

Rod & Pivot Screw Storage while doing an overhaul.  While you are doing an overhaul it is important to be able to put the rod or pivot screw back in the same place it came out.  There are several reasons for this: On an older instrument other repairmen have likely worked on them so they might changed the way the screw or rod fits the post.  Even new instruments that have a lot of hand work in putting them together makes a difference.  Just because it is a Selmer Mark VI pivot screw it does not mean it will fit every post on the saxophone.

Many repairmen use boards to put the rods and pivot screw in while doing the overhaul.. These boards can be knocked over spilling everything.  I make boxes to put every screw and rod in, they can sit for a long time and if it gets knocked over the screws will be in the same place.

I make labels, you can call the key anything you like I do…. I use a big box with 24 compartments so there are enough for all the thinks I need and so my big fat hand cam go inside an take the pivot screw out… very important!

This box is for clarinet and has enough compartments to do a Full Boehm clarinet or a Leblanc that has 2 more Rods.