James Moody

James Moody Jazz Legend


I met James through Francois Kloc when I worked at Buffet setting up the Buffet clarinets and Keilworth saxophones. James was a Keilworth artist, so when he would drop by I would check his sax…

He came to several times after I left Buffet and the last time he came in was just great.  I worked on his sax and he started playing and showing me things he had learned that week. “Check out this pattern, look at how many way you can change it around” he would say then play them for me… it was great that a man who could just live on his reputation and just play his old stuff still wanted to learn new things.  He was always one of my favorite players since my sister played me “Last Train from Overbrook”.

James had a special Cologne someone in New York made just for him and if he liked you he would put a little on you and tell you how good you smelled.  He was an inspiration to me as a man besides being the great player.

He will always be remembered.