Cip and the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet

I had a lot of fun yesterday with my friend Cip… we recorded his feature playing over the new Hollywood clarinet quartet. He sounded great as always…. Wayne Bergeron was great and he let us use his studio and he recorded Cip… we then went out for great Mexican food….. that is Greg Huckins in … Read more

Palm key tone holes on German made saxophones:

The German made saxophones like J. Keilwerth, B&S and Dave Guardala (made by B&S) have smaller tone holes on the palm keys of their saxophones.  Are there any advantages or drawbacks to this design? The smaller tone holes allow the pitch of the palm key notes to not be as sharp as on the Selmer … Read more

Saxophone Tone Boosters

Many saxophone players like what has become known as the Hollywood Tone Boosters….. They were developed by Bill Noyack (and I am guessing at the spelling of his last name) here in Hollywood … according to my friend Glenn Johnston they were sitting around one night I believe drinking heavily and got the idea from … Read more